Batteries Paper Plastic Packaging Machine

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Batteries Paper Plastic Packaging Machine

Product Description

DPZ-480D Automatic Blister Packing Machine adopts frequency control of motor speed. Collecting machine, electricity, photo, air to integrate. And innovative design, manufacture according to National Standard strictly. Flexible stroke, modularize station structure, easy operate, high output, low noise, and equipped with beautiful out looking. DPZ-480D is the ideal packing machine.

DPZ-480D main device including PVC heating, blister forming, blister detection(optional), products feeding, products lack detection(optional), stroke pulling, punching, transporting, heating & sealing, etc.

The PVC formed after heating and being soften in the forming mould. The blister fed product via blister detection device then into the punching device to make the single blister with product. After then, the blister delivered to heating and sealing device. At last, the finished products sent out to next procedure. All the devices work synchronously. The blister forming and products deeding equipped with the sensor in case of the bad blister and lack of products in blisters. Waste products rejected out via waste products exit.

1. Heating: Cut down the PVC heating time, thus, protect the PVC molecular structure effectively, saving energy. When the machine stop, the heating boards open automatically, prevent the PVC overheating.

2. Forming: Stretching the PVC by the convex mould, then blowing into blister. Ensure the blister wall's thickness well-distributed, out line smooth.

3. Heating & sealing: When machine stop, the checker plate rises with the cylinder bar, protect the packed products from overheating.

4. Stroke pulling: Adopt one arm machine hand pulling blisters.

5. Speed change adjustable: Adopt frequency transformer to adjust the speed.
Item Parameters
Max  Punching Speed 25 times/min
Max package size 480X160X40 (Blister)
500X250 (Blister card)
Adjustable travel scope 40-160(mm)
Max forming depth 40mm
Total power 15kw
Power(Three-phase four-wire) 380V/50HZ
Air compressor flux ≥ 0.6 ³ /min
Packaging materials (0.15-0.5)× 480mm
Overall dimensions(L XW X H) 5000× 1100× 1850(mm)
Weight 2500kg

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